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Online English Creative Writing Classes

Our weekly online Artistic Writing™ classes are suitable for children aged 9-14. These classes will give your child CONSISTENT writing practice and REGULAR feedback from the teacher. At the end of every lesson, the parents will be given a progress update showing the child’s strengths and areas of improvement.

Here are two types of online classes to choose from and the respective prices:

1. Group class (2 students to 1 teacher, 1.5 hours)

$70 per lesson per student for 12 lessons

$65 per lesson per student for 24 lessons

2. Premium 1-2-1 class (1 student to 1 teacher, 1 hour)

$100 per lesson per student for a minimum of 4 lessons

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So how is our programme different from others??

Harvard-inspired programme, a top quality framework to improve students' scores and confidence

The online platform that we use, BitPaper, allows for interactive and creative expression

Children work at their own pace and level to hone their English communication skills (both speaking and writing)

Exciting hands-on curriculum that appeals to the various interests of children, making them WANT to learn

Develops the children holistically so that they can achieve the necessary 21st century skills to succeed in life

The good news is that all these can be achieved through our interactive online classes!

Does your child:


Whichever category your child belongs to, we have just the solution for you, especially during this Covid-19 era.

Hear from our students and satisfied clients!

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