September 24, 2019



Artistic Strategies Academy

Grooming Young Writers

We have come up with a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to answer common queries and address any concerns you may have. If you need further clarification, please email us or contact us at (65) 9893 6129.


General Enquiries

Q1 : Why should I enrol my child at Artistic Strategies Academy (ASA)? How is ASA’s signature Artistic Writing™ Programme uniquely different from other creative writing programmes?

A1 : ASA’s Artistic Writing™ Programme, a first of its kind in Singapore, is a premium and enriching programme that grooms young writers by

1) marrying art with writing — ASA uses various art forms as a tool to ignite imagination and impart and hone writing skills. Our students engage in hands-on, interactive, meaningful art-centred pre-writing activities and games that develop analytical and creative thinking. Acquiring these skills empowers them to become confident communicators and proficient writers, excelling in the various writing genres!

2) recognizing the benefits of differentiated learning – Here at ASA, our programmes are developed based on extensive research surrounding the arts and education, namely the theory of Constructivism. We acknowledge the current stage of each student’s learning ability and our tiered programmes are tailored to inspire him/her to push the boundaries and to think outside the box when applying honed writing skills.

3) adopting a process skills-centred approach – Unlike the outdated rote-learning and memorization techniques used by other creative writing centres, students attending ASA’s Artistic Writing™ Programme acquire creative writing process skills like vocabulary building, creating and visualizing, ideating, planning, organizing, responding and writing, editing, and refining and evaluating in their writing endeavours. In the process, significant life skills like critical and creative thinking, evaluative, reflective, communications and social emotional skills are also inculcated through the writing process.  

4) implementing visionary pedagogy – At ASA, our instructors adopt a facilitative approach during each session where they guide, initiate and motivate students to learn. This advantageous approach, successfully executed in higher learning institutions, enables our students to become adept at problem-solving; applying independent, analytical, critical and creative problem-solving skills acquired in their writing endeavours; confidently taking ownership of their voices and opinions.

5) setting goals and working to fruition – Students at ASA are motivated to submit original and creative writing pieces to both local and international writing competitions. Beyond this, children who attend ASA’s Young Authors Programme go on to publish self-illustrated original and creative stories. Social responsibility is awakened in our young authors as they are encouraged to donate the proceeds from the sale of their books to an adopted charitable organization.

See your child benefit from ASA’s signature Artistic Writing™ Programme and ‘write away’!


Q2 : How old does my child have to be to be enrolled at ASA?

A2 : ASA’s signature Artistic Writing™ Programme is curated for young writers aged 6 to 14.


Q3 : What is the student-teacher ratio at ASA?

A3 : The ratio is a maximum of 4 students to a teacher for in-person classes and 2 students to a teacher for online classes. This is to ensure optimal results.


Q4: Which classes do Claudine teach?

A4: Claudine does not teach any classes. She does personal coaching for stress and behaviour management. She also has recorded masterclasses for children aged 10-12 years old and video classes for children aged 6-9 years old.


Q5 : Where are ASA's classes conducted?

A5 : We have four convenient locations around Singapore. If you cannot make it for face-to-face classes, we also have online classes where your child can learn in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Bedok Outlet : 10-minute walk from Bedok MRT Station - EW5 East-West (Green) Line

Blk 217 Bedok North Street 1 #02-69 S(460217)

Contact – (65) 9893 6129

Hougang Outlet : 5-minute walk from Hougang MRT Station - NE14 North-East (Purple) Line

The Midtown, 1187 Upper Serangoon Road #01-33 S(533971)

Contact – (65) 9893 6129

Ang Mo Kio Outlet : 10-minute walk from Ang Mo Kio MRT Station - NS16 North-South (Red) Line

Blk 452 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #02-1793 S(560452)

Contact – (65) 9893 6129

Bukit Timah Outlet : 2-minute walk from Beauty World MRT Station - DT5 Downtown (Blue) Line

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #02-63 S(588179)

Contact – (65) 9893 6129


Administrative Enquiries

Q1 : What are ASA’s class schedules and programme fees?

A1 : For class schedules and programme fees, please click here.


Q2 : Do I need to pay a registration and/or material fee?

A2 : ASA does not collect additional fees apart from the programme package fee.


Q3 : What are your modes of payment?

A3 :

1) For programme fees, you may opt to pay via Cash, PayNow or Interbank Transfer.

2) For Trial Class sign up, you may opt to pay via Credit Card, PayNow or Interbank Transfer.

PayNow to UEN: 201914269D

Interbank Transfer to Maybank Singapore Account No. : 04131079929


Q4 : Are there classes on Public Holidays?

A4 : There are NO classes on Public Holidays.


Q5 : If my child cannot attend a class, will he/she be entitled to a replacement class?

A5 : ASA will allow up to 4 replacement classes without penalty. The parent should inform the academy of the child’s absenteeism; preferably with advance notice.


Q6 : If I wish to withdraw my child from ASA, do I need to give written notice?

A6 : There is no need to give written notice should you wish to withdraw your child from ASA. However, we would really appreciate it if you give us at least a month's notice as we have a waiting list for the classes.


Class-Related Enquiries

Q1 : What is the duration of each lesson at ASA?

A1 : Each weekly lesson lasts 1.5 hours. Your child will be engaged in consistent writing practice through fun, interactive and hands-on pre-writing activities and games. On an average, three assignments are completed each week and our teachers provide regular personalised feedback. At the end of every lesson, we will provide a progress update detailing your child’s strengths and areas of improvement.


Q2 : Can my child attend a trial class at ASA?

A2 : Yes! You can register for a trial class here .

During the trial class, your child will join one of our existing group classes so that he/she will experience first-hand how a typical session is conducted. A holistic diagnostic test is used to assess your child’s current level and standard. A face-to-face chat follows after the trial session where results of your child’s language abilities, learning attitudes and abilities to think creatively and critically will be discussed. Based on the results of the diagnostic test, we will recommend the most appropriate Artistic Writing™ Programme tier for your child. 


Q3 : What materials are used for each lesson?

A3 : During each lesson,  primary school students complete weekly assignments in the thematic guidebook ‘Every Child’s Guide to Write Away!’ (3 Volumes) curated by our founder and principal instructor, Claudine Fernandez. The cost of the guidebooks is included in the programme fee. They are also given notebooks to write down their new vocabulary words and sentences.

For the secondary school students, they will be given specialised handouts as part of our Global Writers Programme.

Q4 : How do the handouts given out during your Holiday Programmes cater to mixed-age children?

A4 : Our Holiday Programmes are open to children aged 6 to 14 and the handouts are tailored according to children's abilities.


Teacher-Related Enquiries

Q1 : What are your teachers’ qualifications?

A1 :  Our teachers/instructors are degree holders and assistant teachers are at least undergraduates or diploma holders.


Q2 : How does the teacher manage a mixed-age class/group?  

A2 : Students work at their own pace and standard. They are given goals by the teacher-facilitator at the start of each lesson and are supervised closely with timely assistance/feedback given when necessary.