Nora Bedi shares tips on creative writing

Nora Bedi, 10, shares how writing has helped grow her imagination in great bounds and also gives her a boost in other subjects, like mathematics.

Tips on creative writing

Nora suggests getting ideas from good books available to you, whether at home, at the nearby library or at school. Use your own words to cast these ideas in a new light in your stories.

Nora also encourages children to conduct research to find out more about a topic that you wish to write about. Now that internet research is readily available at one’s fingertips through the smartphone, obtaining details to spice up your story has become easier.

Reasons why Nora enjoys creative writing

Nora enjoys creative writing as it helps her imagination grow.

Creative writing also helps Nora create mini-stories for other subjects to help her remember specific concepts. Creative writing not only has the potential to improve your command of English but of mathematics and science as well.

A brief introduction to Nora’s book on vampires

Nora shares about the book she is about to publish on a vampire girl, Luna, whose human form is called Lucy. She was bullied in her old school and did not have any friends. The situation improved for Lucy only after she transferred to another school and makes new friends. She is not aware that these new friends of hers are also fellow vampires.

Nora was inspired by a book called Wonder by Raquel Jaramillo Palacio to write a book about a protagonist who goes through many challenges to grow as a person. The story of Wonder revolves around a boy named August who was born with a medical condition which resulted in facial deformities. His condition causes him much grief when he enters mainstream high school when he is bullied because of his looks. Thankfully, August has two good friends at school called Jack and Summer who defend him at school.

Watch Nora relate her tips in this video below!