Young Authors' Published Books

These Young Authors have self-published their own illustrated books after attending our signature Young Authors Programme. The best part is that they have decided to donate the profits from the sale of their books (after the deduction of the printing and Paypal fees) to their adopted charities in Singapore and overseas.

The $18 price per book includes the admin charge by Paypal, which will not be reflected in the receipt from Paypal.

Please note that we won't be shipping books and they have to be collected from our centre.





Andrzej Goh

The Villain in Me

"The Villain in Me" is an inspiring story written by cancer survivor, Andrzej Goh about his battle with Red Ron (lymphoma). The story features the warriors that have helped him in the hospital as well as the love and care of his family members who stood by him as he emerged triumphant in the battle. Profits from the sale of his books will go to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

Teh Sum Jyu

SumJyu And Her Flower

This book will resonate with all those who have lost something that they cherish. It is a book about regaining what one has lost and the journey that a lost object takes. Read this book to find out more! Profits from the sale of this book will go to Sum Jyu's adopted charity, Singapore Cancer Foundation.

Evan Riley Gill

A Change of Heart

A heartwarming story about a character's growth and maturity that enables him to help others who are less fortunate than him. Read this story to find out how he does it! The profits from the sale of this book will go to Evan's adopted charity, Permata Bali Orphanage.

Teh Paak Jyu

Time Travelers

Matthias Chong

Interplanetary Tales: The Gold Watch And The Big Space Clean-up

An advocate of the environment, Matthias writes a futuristic tale about two characters that perform a massive clean-up operation on a planet full of rubbish, making it one of the most beautiful planets. Read his book to find out how they do it! All profits from the sale of Matthias' books will go to the Singapore Environment Council.