The Importance of Visual Storytelling

What exactly is visual storytelling? Technically, it is the incorporation of visuals (pictures, photographs, paintings, images) in a story. We’d like to think of it more as a marriage of words and visuals when telling a story. What makes visual storytelling so impactful? Here are three reasons: 1. Increase understanding of the message When we[…]

Benefits of Music on Your Child’s Learning

Multiple research studies have been done to show the positive correlation between music to a child’s brain development and ultimately, success in learning. Here is a summary of some of the findings: 1. Music helps to calm us down In one study, patients who were about to undergo surgery were either given anti-anxiety drugs or allowed[…]

3 ways to deliver good feedback

Dear Parents and Educators, When we are giving feedback to our children about their written work, it is important that we carefully word our feedback so as to boost children’s confidence, but also to guide them in addressing their areas of improvement. Feedback has to be balanced and objective. Here are 3 ways to deliver good[…]