Bond with your child in creative ways

Bond with your Child in Creative Ways

Here are a few activities that both parents and children can do during the last week of the June school holidays! These activities enable you to spend quality time together while igniting your creativity:

1. Clay Creatures

clay creatures

Dabble and experiment with clay to make clay characters. You could even have a theme, like underwater creatures or pre-historic creatures. Take it a step further and bring these characters to life. You could take turns with your child to interview one another’s characters.

If you’re looking for good quality, non-toxic, pleasant smelling playdough, check out Tickle Your Senses Playdough. These come in different colours and with different moulds as well.

2. Co-Create A Story

There are many ways in which you can create a story together. One way would be to each write a sentence on a piece of paper and exchange papers, continuing from the sentence. Carry on this process until a full-blown story emerges on both pieces of paper.

If you need story ideas, a good resource to check out would be Rory’s Story Cubes. Each side of the cube or dice has an image. You could roll the cubes randomly or pick which cube you would like to use.

3. Explore Museums With See-Think-Wonder

Currently, the National Gallery has two very interesting interactive exhibits. The first is called “Social Table”, where visitors get to create a collage of pictures of the exhibits they like from the museum. The completed collage can be emailed to them.

social table

The second is called “Wandering in Black and White” where children get to build different structures using blocks.

Visiting museums could be fun and enriching if there is a systematic way to look at and appreciate the exhibits.

The “See-Think-Wonder” Thinking Routine hails from Harvard University’s Project Zero. It is a simple and accessible approach that can be used by individuals of all ages.

Basically, the routine goes like this:

See- What do you see or observe in the exhibit?

Think- What do you think about your observation?

Wonder- What question do you have about the exhibit?

It trains us to pay attention to details and to have more in-depth interpretations of our observations. This versatile routine can also be applied to advertisements, posters, pictures, and even books!

4. Think Of New Inventions

With the use of recycled materials like cardboard, gift wrappers, or empty bottles, create an object together that would be of use either to yourselves or someone else. If you’d like to do some research, you could find out more about problems that people are facing and generate ideas from there. This activity is guaranteed to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in you and your child.

Have fun learning and creating with your child!